Vision & Mission


Our vision is to educate architects who can use their professional knowledge, skills and experiences at national and international level together with technology for the benefit of society, and who are respectful of the historical environment, natural environment and resources, ethical values, creative, contemporary and rational solutions; and to achieve this basic goal with a student-oriented education model in collaboration with education, practice and research.

Çizim yapan Mimarlık ÖğrencisiMission:

The main objectives of the Architecture and Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Departments within the Faculty of Architecture are to strengthen national and international recognition and international relations, to increase the activities supported by education training and research to increase the motivation of the students, to produce common projects with different disciplines, to educate civilized, contemporary, free, researcher, creative, dynamic and entrepreneurial architects and interior architects who can follow and use the developing technology, are respectful to ethical values, and equipped with aesthetic values. Our faculty, with high scientific value research, publications, applications and social responsibility projects, aims to contribute to the awareness of society, development and development of the country, to produce solutions that are sensitive to the environment and historical values, to integrate national identity with global values, to create a quality physical and social environment new information and to transfer it to future generations.