With the decision of the Architecture Accreditation Board (MIAK) dated 22.04.2014, the special evaluation made on the “2017 Annual Report” required by the Accreditation of Istanbul Kultur University Architecture (Turkish) Undergraduate Program, which was determined as “Specialized 6-Year Accreditation in the 3rd Year” has been completed as the “6-Year Accreditation” with the decision dated 16.02.2018.


Istanbul Kultur University Architecture Program is currently providing education in architectural programs in non-profit foundation universities in Turkey, the only non-profit foundation university eligible for “Accreditation” is proud to be the architecture program.

MİAKAccreditation is a quality assurance system that demonstrates that the quality of the training program is based on approved standards. In today's world where many countries in the world have set quality assurance standards appropriate to their own education system, the assurance of quality in education is the “Accreditation” given by national or international independent quality agencies, in other words, Accreditation Boards. Architectural education programs in Turkey, which is the only institution accredited Architectural Accrediting Board (MIAK) also oversees the architecture in accordance with universal standards and are accredited educational institution.

With the decision of the Architecture Accreditation Board (MIAK) dated 22.04.2014, Istanbul Kultur University Architecture (Turkish) Program was granted the “Specialized 6-Year Accreditation in the 3rd Year”. The specialized evaluation following the 2017 Annual Report, required for the accreditation, was approved and the accreditation was completed to a "6-Year Accreditation" with the decision of MIAK dated 16.02.2018.  IKU Architecture Department has registered its quality by showing that it is one of the most qualified architectural education institutions with a six-year accreditation period given to the most successful institutions.

In this context, the Department of Architecture at Istanbul Kultur University has strengthened its international reputation with its national Accreditation success. International academic recognition, accepted scientific publications and extensive educational experience of academic faculty members played an important role in this success. Having a self-confident and educated faculty who are trained in different environments and aiming for student-centered education within the framework of the values system required by contemporary education, an important academic attraction center in the field of IKU Architecture makes.

Attempts have been made to implement this successful process of Accreditation of the Architecture (Turkish) Program for the (English) Program with the same academic staff and syllabus.  IKU Architecture (English) Undergraduate Program is planned to apply to MIAK for accreditation at the end of 2018-2019 academic year and studies have been started in this direction. In order to apply for MIAK Accreditation, the condition that the program has continued for at least 6 (six) years of uninterrupted education and has given at least 60 graduates has been realized as of the end of 2017-2018 academic year. In this context, the process of applying for Accreditation is planned to be started at the beginning of 2019 with the letter of intent given to MIAK.

It is one of the main objectives of the Department of Architecture to bring the quality of education of IKU Architecture (Turkish) and Architecture (English) Undergraduate Programs from national to international level.  Both programs are well-equipped and have strong staff that can be accredited internationally. Since IKU Architecture (Turkish) Program has national accreditation, studies have been initiated to enable it to be accredited at the international level. After the IKU Architecture (English) Program receives national accreditation, studies will be started in order to obtain international accreditation.